About Us


Kurt Jensen

What excites Kurt the most about working for himself at a company he helped to create is the opportunity to be personally more involved in projects from start-to-finish. Known around the office as the “all-knowing one,” Kurt, takes a lot of pride in his ability to come up with creative solutions to very challenging situations.


Gabe Rios
Partner/Production Manager

Second generation roofer, earned a title of journeyman roofer in 1980 with the then local roofer and waterproofer’s union local 50. Taught by elder union schooled workers the “old timers” mentored younger apprentice installers and instilled in them the need for a sense of pride in all aspects of the work they performed, while also instructing them how to work with homeowner’s, builders as well as members of other trades and to treat all with respect and an overall sense of fairness as a general rule.

Chris Hoyt.png

Chris Hoyt
Partner/Solar Manager

Chris is known for being great with numbers and a very detailed oriented person. Extremely creative, he works hard and doesn’t believe he’s found an application that can’t be solved. He loves to come to a place he helped create every morning and show home and business owners how to make a sound construction investment. He enjoys new challenges, he doesn’t think their is a construction project that cant be completed.


Robert Orange
Solar & Roofing Sales

Robert is a native of the Monterey Peninsula. He attended Seaside High School, Monterey Peninsula College and graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with a concentration in Organizational Management. Over the past ten years he has devoted his time to traveling the country for the Department of Defense.